Best Above Ground Pool Skimmer | Buyer’s Guide

Debris, bugs, and leaves in your swimming pool don’t just make it look ugly; they affect its water balance, stain its surface, and even consume its chemicals. As Above Ground Pool Skimmer is vital apparatus for pool maintenance as well as ordinarily draining operations and pool water filtering, what you require is the best pool skimmers.

You might require additional automatic skimmers, manual skimmers, and surface cleaners with durable fine mesh and handy poles, apart from the skimmer which is installed in your swimming pool. With the best skimmers on the market today, you will make your facility look beautiful once more in no time.

Types of Skimmer:

  • Manual Skimmers
    A fine mesh attached to a pole is a manual skimmer. This kind of skimmer doesn’t require any electricity to operate other than the user to maneuver it – but this skimmer isn’t the best for filtration purposes; just collecting large floating particles. Offering suction to filter debris as you move the skimmer around your pool, the skimmer comes with a hose that attaches to your pool pump and outlet system.
  • Automatic Skimmers
    The pump inlet of your pool attaches an auto pool skimmer. As water is absorbed using the hose, little propellers or paddles relocate the tool around the exterior of your pool. The majority of above ground pool skimmer enjoy randomized movements to avert them from being stuck in one area in your pool, but others need to be re-deployed regularly.
  • Self Contained Skimmers
    This type of skimmer is powered by sunlight which is harnessed on built-in panels and is relatively new and. The unit needs the sun to relocate all-around your ability, cleaning tiny and huge pieces alike. By enabling you to operate the pumps as much as 65 percent less, Solar pool skimmer reduces your swimming pool power usage as they are more expensive than both the automatic and manual above ground pool skimmer.

Let’s check out above ground pool skimmer buying guides and their review to help you make an informed decision when you hit the market.

ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning | Best Automatic Pool Skimmer

You can skim the surface AND clean the bottom of your pool with the same tool, with a ProTuff heavy-duty pool rake. And, because it has such a deep, durable net, you won’t be constantly emptying debris, as you would with a skimmer or cheaper pool ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning | Best Automatic Pool Skimmerrake. 

And, once you get good with it (especially if you purchase the combo with the silt rake), you can clean up to 95% of what you’d get with a vacuum, without ever dragging out and struggling with that cumbersome hose.

The other feature of this product is the deep, durable, and abrasion-resistant nylon bag which is stronger than the double catcher net offered by other companies. Maintaining its integrity while handling big swimming pools to move this skimmer and it’s able to resist mildew and mold is also very easy.


    As per manufacturer’s lifetime product warranty, contact us for FREE replacement parts or a complete replacement of the entire pool If any portion of this heavy-duty pool skimmer net ever breaks, fails or tears.
    With highly efficient pool cleaning tools from ProTuff, enjoy more time using and less time cleaning your pool.
    Frame won’t bend, twist or break under load.  For additional stability, tightly secured within the “winged” handle.
    More abrasion resistant and stronger than double-layer polypropylene catcher netting offered by other companies. Tapered for easy maneuverability.

U.S. Heavy Duty 20″ Pool skimmer | Best Above Ground Pool Skimmer

For pool recreational activity pool toys, floats and leisure lounges and professional high quality and affordable pool cleaning and maintenance supplies, pool accessories, U.S. Pool Supply is your Online source.  above ground pool skimmer

For and maintain their own pools, so they can eliminate the need for expensive scheduled pool service technicians, we offer all the essential items needed to help residential pool owners care. Our goal is to provide you the premium products you need to keep your pool clean and ready for use, so you can focus on what’s most important.


  • Fast Pool Cleaning
    For the fast, easy and efficient cleanup of leaves and debris from pools, ideal rugged daily use pool rake. Fits standard size (1-1/4″) telescopic pool vacuum poles. Pole not included.
  • Heavy Duty 20″ Molded Frame
    For use in all types of pools and it will not mar pool liners, the heavy-duty lightweight plastic molded frame is safe. Frame dimensions 20″ wide x 12″ long with a total length of 16″.
  • Wide Easy Scoop Leading Edge
    Gliding and maneuvering it along the bottom of the pool is made easier by extra-wide 17″ net opening with a beveled leading edge, for faster and easier pool cleaning, which saves you cleaning time and effort, while providing extra scooping power.
  • Durable Deep Netting
    Scoop design which allows it to collect more debris at a time is combined with the 16″ deep large volume netting bag, and within the net bag while maneuvering the rake throughout the pool, it is also very effective at holding the leaves. A long-lasting chemical-resistant fine mesh nylon material has made its netting.

Milliard Pool Skimmer Net Leaf Rake | Pool Skimmers Above Ground

Pools are great fun during the summer, but they also need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary all season. No one likes to do the cleaning, but MILLIARD makes it easy with our commercial-grade leaf rake, so you can get backHayward above ground pool skimmer to swimming sooner. 

Rather an effective net that scoops up leaves, bugs and other unwanted debris that may have wandered into your watery oasis, our leaf rake isn’t your garden-variety rake. For daily use over years of service, the ABS plastic rim and nylon mesh is rugged enough, but to use on delicate pool liners, the rounded edges, and flexible construction are safe. 

Utilize the rake by itself, or to the handle, attach a standard extension pole, and to go, you are ready!  We are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal, all MILLIARD products are manufactured with safety, quality, and comfort in mind.


  • As a replacement rake, great for first-time pool owners.
  • Gentle on pool siding and liners even though ABS plastic rim and nylon netting are long-lasting and durable.
  • For poolside cleaning, use the rake by itself, or attach an extension pole to the handle.
  • Deep bag for large cleanup.
  • Fine-mesh great for small debris.
  • Super sturdy handles will not bend or break.
  • To avoid damage to pool sides, Curved edges are present. 
  • For skimming the surface or cleaning the bottom of your pool, it is great.

Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Skimmer | Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Founded in 1971, Swimline is a family-owned and operated business and is the leading manufacturer of high-quality pool products. At its inception, for in-ground and above-ground pool liners, covers, and all related accessories, Swimline was the  Coleman above ground pool skimmerlargest manufacturer. 

A-frame made of sturdy plastic is present in this super-strong structural molded leaf skimmer. To aid in easy scooping of debris, the fine-mesh basket has a tapered front edge.

The ability to last for years is another thing I like about this model, and to give you a better reach, it easily attaches to all extension poles.


  • The super-strong structural molded frame
  • Heavy-duty, high-quality leaf skimmer
  • For skimming leaves, insects as well as other trash from the surface of the water, it is ideal
  • Keeps your pool thoroughly clean
  • Durable and long-lasting

Sabuy 18 Inch Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Swimming Pool Leaf Net Skimmer Rake

On all pools, types to collect dirt, leaves, debris, and more from walls, floors and the surface of the pool, this Professional Grade aluminum leaf rake can be used. No sharp edges are present in this one-piece aluminum body, instead, it has curved edges. Fine  swimming pool skimmer basketmesh netting collects the smallest debris. Also, soft touch and quick disconnect are featured in this. It fits most telescopic vacuum poles.

The model can collect all debris and dirt and easily cleans up to 18” due to its wide mouth. Another feature I like is tapered maneuverability that helps to maintain your pool.


  • SUPER STRONG ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME: Bending, twisting or breaking under load does not take place with this Heavy-duty deep-bag. Tightly secured within the “winged” handle for additional stability. Our swimming pool leaf catcher handle can easily connect to a standard size telescoping pool pole with built-in quick connect clip. Keep your swimming pool cleaner with these swimming pool cleaning tools.
  • MEDIUM SIZE “MOUTH” – Less area is covered by narrow mouth frames cover. Wider mouths are heavier to lift from the pool even if they collect more debris. A “happy medium” is 18 – 20 inches.
  • STURDY NYLON POOL BAG: Than another double-layer polypropylene netting, it is durable, stronger and more abrasion-resistant. Tapered for easy maneuverability. With ease, its integrity and handles big swimming pool clean-ups by this skimmer leaf net. Medium mesh size will filter out leaves and small debris but doesn’t quite “plug the door” on silt and very small particles.
  • SAFE AND UNIQUE DESIGN: For all types of pools, it is safe and will guard against marring or scratching of pool surfaces. For easy cleaning of pool sides straight sides with a slight angle, whether round or rectangle-shaped pools. For 24, 27, 30 ft or any other size pool, swimming pool maintenance has never been easier.
  • 100% GUARANTEE – If any part of your pool leaf net ever breaks, fails or tears, simply contact us for FREE replacement parts or a complete replacement of the entire skimmer leaf net.

SPX1082CA Automatic Pool Skimmers | Hayward Pool Skimmers Above Ground

To replace your above ground pool skimmer basket, here is a replacement model that you can use.  Making it universal and a solution,  above ground pool skimmer vacuum plateit easily fits a variety of models and can bring peace of mind.

The unit comes from a reputable brand that has been shown to provide quality models and lasts for years. It is also quite affordable – you don’t need to break a bank to buy it.


  • Fits most assembling 
  • Quite affordable 
  • Easy to maintain

PoolSkim | Floating Skimmer For Above Ground Pool

With a long-lasting patented design, PoolSkim above ground pool skimmer and Pool Cleaner is an award-winning tool. You can expect the skimmer to last as it’s constructed from high-quality PVC and polyurethane connectors. Floating Skimmer For Above Ground Pool

To offer a shiny swimming pool, the skimmer works pretty well with other pool cleaners. It is an auto skimmer that forms a big whirlpool that sucks dirt on the surface of the pool toward the whirlpool and drags debris out of the pool and rests on the water level. These include grass, seeds, leaves, and bugs, making it the best skimmer for the money.


  • Award-Winning Automatic above ground pool skimmer
  • Connects to 1&1/2 Inch Threaded Outflow Return Jet
  • Self-Adjusting to Water Level
  • Reduces Workload on Filtration System
  • Cleaning Made Easy

Hayward SP1091LX Dyna | Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Hayward automatic skimmers have been an industry standard for more than 30 years. To match the needs of today’s above ground pools, the Dyna-Skim skimmers have been redesigned, while remaining applicable for use on existing pool models.Hayward SP1091LX Dyna | Above Ground Pool Skimmer

With a 1.5 inches female straight tube threads and snap-in (removable weir), the product comes. Hayward is an automatic skimmers producer who has been in the industry for 3 decades and all its products have been redesigned to suit the needs of today’s user, so is the Hayward SP1091LX. What is even amazing about this particular skimmer is that it comes with all the accessories required when installing it.


  • A large debris collection basket
  • Heavy-duty UV resident ABS construction
  • Top and front basket access
  • Snap-in and removable weir
  • Compatible with wide top seat pools

INTEX Deluxe Wall Mount Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Based on the amazing venture effect is the Intex Deluxe Wall-Mounted Swimming Pool’s operation. One side of its hose is connected to your pool’s outlet where the water returns to the pool via the pump and the other to the skimmer. It helps catch  Hayward above ground pool skimmerdebris and leaves before they settle at the bottom of your swimming pool. For faster surface skimming, this auto leaf tool works together with the filter pump.

To catch a reasonable amount of dirt and prevent it from blocking the filter, the skimmer is well designed and does a great job skimming your pool and its filter basket is big enough. This perfect for inground pools unit attaches easily to your swimming pool metal frames or pool’s sidewalls with a changeable bracket and attaches to pump for effective skimming.


  • Easy to mount. 
  • Constructed quality materials. 
  • Automatically removes dirt from your pool.

OAI Gator AutoSkim | Automatic Pool Skimmer

As the automatic pool cleaner moves around, the gator moves about the pool surface. Therefore, the furthest corners of the pool  above ground pool skimmer kitscan be cleaned using it. It eliminates all leaves, dust, pollen, bugs, and debris and its efficiency are not reliant on favorable water current and wind. 

To the filtration system, clarifying your water, it continuously recycles the pool surface water. With virtually all automatic suction type pool cleaners on the market, the Gator Auto-Skim operates.


  • Collecting leaves and debris, it moves randomly along your pool surface 
  • Easy to install and operate. 
  • Simply connect to the pool hose 2 to 3 segments from the Automatic Pool Cleaner (APC).
  • At any water level, and in any type or shape of the pool, the Gator Auto-Skim operates effectively, i.e. in concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools, above and below ground.
  • virtually all automatic suction type pool cleaners available on the market can be operated by Gator Auto-Skim.
  • To a suction cleaner, Gator required to be connected – NOT PROVIDED.

Buyer’s Guide For Above Ground Pool Skimmer 

From the surface of your swimming pool, where most contaminants, such as hair, body oils, debris, and sunscreen, dwell, a above ground pool skimmer draws in water. To pull the top 1/3 inch of your pool water, a skimmer is designed. You cannot notice it when swimming as its suction power is quite light.

An essential element of this tool is the floating barrier, which is a hanging door situated inside the opening. While optimizing efficiency, it is hinged at the base and helps to ensure that the water being sucked into the tool is limited to the top layer, maximizing the number of contaminants that are collected from your pool. In addition, the debris cannot get out of the skimmer and is ensured by the angle of the floating barrier.

Contaminants and debris flow into a collection basket, which catches huge pieces of debris, including twigs once they pass via the floating barrier. The driving power behind the skimmer is the suction pipe attached to the collecting basket. Furthermore, preventing your skimmer from sucking air if the water level gets low, there is an equalizer line.

FAQs about Pool Skimmers

  • How do I maintain my pool skimmer?

The last part of your above ground pool skimmer which rests directly above the collecting or strainer basket is the access hatch. To ensure the best flow, this enables you to empty your basket frequently. In addition, when cleaning your skimmer, you may use your skimmer suction pipe for your pool vacuum. Optimize your swimming pool cleanliness by keeping your skimmer clean.

  • On new skimmer parts, how much should I spend?

The best advice we can give you concerning the price of a above ground pool skimmer part – do not pay more than you can afford. Do your research and choose the unit that offers you the best value for the money and that’s within your budget.

  • For my needs, how can I determine the best pool skimmer?

Go through different brands, compare their features and prices and see which one is the best in your eyes before you settle on a certain skimmer. Here, you may read the product description and read the previous customer reviews. You will have to study the producer’s view of the product and then the user’s unbiased view of the product. You should also see the prices of products in the category. Finally, you need to determine the needs of your swimming pool – the kind of debris you wish to collect.

  • Of buying a pool skimmer online, is there any benefit?

First of all, the biggest benefit of buying any product online is having the product at your doorstep, where you can check whether it will suit your needs. Another benefit is that you save a lot of time when you choose online as opposed to jumping from one store to the other.

  • What does a  above ground pool skimmer basket do?

A pool skimmer basket facilities the overflow of water into a suction system that goes to the filter. From your swimming pool, a skimmer basket collects debris. You will be surprised by what you will get inside a skimmer basket.

  • How to Adjust Pool Skimmer Suction?

The skimmer gets ineffective if it is lying flat or straight up, check the position of the skimmer weir. Ensure that the water level is the right position (not too low or too high).

Alternatively, to the skimmer, install an add-on leg that takes leaves.

  • How to Replace above ground pool skimmer?

Taking out the coping stone that surrounds it is involved in Pool Skimmer replacement. Then you remove the plumbing line and pull it out to replace it with a new one. Once it gets secured, return the plumbing line and secure it with the coping stone. 

  • How to Install Pool Skimmer Door Flap?

Follow these steps:

  • Shut off your pool pump and filter
  • Remove the skimmer cover from the top
  • From behind, reach the skimmer flap inside the skimmer
  • To free the flap, you will feel two lock pins that you need to press simultaneously.
  • Pull it from the wall
  • Insert the new flap
  • Insert one of the lock pins 
  • Insert the other pin 
  • To secure the skimmer flap, release them
  • Should the above ground pool skimmer be on all the Time?

It is recommended to keep the skimmer running around the clock although it is not necessary. That means you should shut it off sometimes to save energy. 

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