Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladders | Buyer’s Guide

Built-in Swimming Pool Ladders are present in most above ground swimming pools. These ladders aren’t the best even if they usually serve the purpose but because they bend and even break easily. You shouldn’t depend on these tools. Look for the best above ground pool ladders, when compared with the built-in Swimming Pool Ladders, which are professionally made and more advanced.

The pool ladder may seem like a trivial purchase, but it’s actually a serious decision. A cheap pool ladder is not going to be long-lasting like others. It may come loose, rust and even develop sharp spots that can cause injury. The wrong pool ladder can be a serious safety concern and that is the worst-case scenario.

The best Swimming Pool Ladders make your swimming pool safer for the elderly and children too. They minimize injuries such as broken bones, twisted joints, lacerations, and bruising as the risk of slipping and falling is lowered. All these injuries as well as spinal and brain injuries can happen if you are not using or using a low-quality ladder. 

You can’t enjoy it if you don’t know how to look for the best Swimming Pool Ladders for your above ground pool as swimming needs to be a fun activity. Luckily, by providing you with a buying guide and reviews of the best ladders on the market today, we are here to help you and make your search easier.

Splash Pools | 42-Inch Stainless Steel swimming pool ladders for above ground poolsSplash Pools | 42-Inch Stainless Steel swimming pool ladders for above ground pools

Its Galvanized Steel Ladder with durable Resin Steps. It is ideal for any 36” pool. Easy In and out access are featured on this ladder. It is lightweight and easy to remove when the pool is not in use. Injection-molded resin steps are present, Galvanized steel construction with strong lock seam tubing, step by step instructions making it easy to assemble.


  • Durable Resin Steps
  • Perfect for any 36″ pool you own.
  • Easy In and out access
  • Lightweight easy to remove 
  • Galvanized steel construction with strong lock seam tubing.

Confer A-Frame 7200 | Plastics Above Ground Pool Safety LadderConfer A-Frame 7200 | Plastics Above Ground Pool Safety Ladder

For its high-quality Swimming Pool Ladders and other pool products, Confer is famous. Its threads are safe and comfortable to begin. In such that your feet will be flat against this ladder for extra stability, they will fit your feet perfectly. The best thing,  to fit two swimmers standing side-by-side the ladder is huge enough.

The adjustability of the Swimming Pool Ladders is going to be loved by you and it is perfect for a swimming pool with a reasonable depth. The ladder weighs 56 pounds and measures 48 x 54 x 48 inches.


  • Adjusts to fit 48 inches to 54-inch tall pools
  • The ladder has an extra-large platform and is equipped with large 18-inch x 5-inch comfort read steps.
  • 300 lb weight capacity.
  • A lockable Roll Guard Barrier is included and when not in use, it simply rolls over the outer steps  (lock included).

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool LadderConfer Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

The Curve Base Step from Confer is unmatchable for the ultimate in convenience and style, safe access, or a place to sit and relax. Along with a two-tone warm grey and taupe color scheme, its smooth, curved step treads and gentle sweeping handrails, put this step at the top of its class. 

This 4-step staircase will look good and last for many pool seasons and is molded from super-strong, chemical resistant resin that holds up to 400 pounds. Without any tools, the material won’t color fade and easily snaps together. 

The side panels easily fill with sand or pea gravel to weigh the steps down and the steps can be curved inwards or outwards during installation. A part of the system is this base step and you can add on a corner section that is sold separately if you choose. Base pads that are adjustable are included in this. A full 5-year warranty is assured. 


  • Molded and super strong
  • Chemical resistant resin holds up to 400 pounds
  • Base Step Dimensions: 47 inches H, 38 inches W x 32 inches D
  • Step Tread Dimensions:  10 inches D x 11 inches H2 x 7 inches W
  • Includes adjustable base pads
  • 24-inch oversized deck mounting brackets
  • Sides fill with sand or pea gravel 
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

Vinyl Works |swimming pool ladders for above ground poolsVinyl Works |swimming pool ladders for above ground pools

As it is made of resin, this ladder doesn’t require any maintenance. An anti-skid surface that ensures the user is safe is featured with the ladder and it also comes with extended handrails for additional safety. You will be excited to know that it doesn’t rust as the tool is made of stainless steel.

For additional safety, the manufacturer has added a slide-lock feature that locks the exterior to create an entry barrier. For people with small pools, it is perfect and when it sits on the edge of your pool, the ladder doesn’t feel the pressure.


  • Adjustable to fit pool walls from 48-56 inches
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • with “no diving/no jumping” warnings, 
  • it is Permanently embossed, 
  • slide lock design
  • 4 treads each side – 17. 25″ wide x 3. 5″ deep, 
  • top platform with the anti-skid surface- 18. 5″ wide x 11. 5″ deep,
  • double extended handrails – extend 10″ 
  • downward on both side to facilitate climbing
  • The anti-entrapment barrier included, 
  • can convert to deck mounting with the separate kit,
  •  accepts pool fence with separate connector kit

Confer Plastics Access Pool Step | swimming pool ladders for above ground poolsConfer Plastics Access Pool Step | swimming pool ladders for above ground pools

For easy entry and exit from your pool, it is designed. In any above ground pool up to 56 inches deep, this durable step fits. For use in flat bottom pools, it is designed. This step gives complete pool entree for non-deck applications. 

For easy passage, it is more extensive. It has huge and even non-skid step surfaces. The Access Step’s side openings decrease algae growth. Step highlights simple, snap-together assembly and involves mounting brackets to attach to your deck. 400lbs is the Weight guideline. pro-rated warranty of 5 years. For installation, 40lbs of sand required.


  • Designed for easy entry and exit 
  • Large, non-skid step surfaces
  • Side openings to reduce algae-growth
  • Easy, snap-together assembly
  • Includes mounting brackets to fasten to the deck

Intex Pool Ladder | 48” heavy-duty above ground pool laddersIntex Pool Ladder | 48” heavy-duty above ground pool ladders

If you maintain an inflatable above a ground swimming pool, you might have understood that there are poor choices when it gets to Swimming Pool Ladders that you can utilize with this pool safely. Swinging legs above this pool can cause leaks which will make you lose the water effortlessly. 

This is where Intex 48 Inches Pool Ladder arrives helpful. It is a slip-resistant, great influence ladder that arrives with a rust-free steel frame to assure that it remains longer. Its feet are covered with rubber to restrict any tear to the base or side of your pool. The kids see it very simple to climb this ladder, still without a parent’s help.


  • Perfect for inflatable swimming pools. 
  • Lightweight product. 
  • Saves water when leaving the pool.

Confer Pool Curve Step System | above ground pool ladders and stepsConfer Pool Curve Step System | above ground pool ladders and steps

For the terminal in comfort and fashion, secure entree, or a spot to sit and rest, the Curve Step System from Confer is unbeatable. Its regular, curved step steps and soothing sweeping handrail, with a two-tone warm grey and taupe color scheme, but this step system at the peak of its class. 

This 4-step staircase is molded from a super-strong, chemical resistant pitch that holds up to 400 pounds and will look great and last for many pool periods. The body won’t dye fade and simply locks together without any devices. 

The steps can be bent inwards or outwards while installation and the side panels simply stuff with sand or pea gravel to weigh the steps down. The system contains a base step and add-on corner step that builds a deeper, more beautiful entrance to your pool. 

The system involves flexible base pads for somewhat sloped floors, oversized 24-inch deck mounting brackets, and is supported by a complete 5-year warranty. 


  • Made, super durable, the chemical-repellent resin contains up to 400 pounds
  • 32 inches D x 47 inches H, 58 inches W is the system step dimension.
  • Step Tread Dimensions: 27 inches W x 10 inches D x 11 inches H
  • Includes adjustable base pads and 24-inch oversized deck mounting brackets
  • sides stuff with sand or pea gravel and is supported by a warranty of 5-year.

Ocean Blue Mighty | plastic pool ladders above groundOcean Blue Mighty | plastic pool ladders above ground

The latest Mighty Step for over ground pools mixes elegant layout with exceptional protection. They highlight wide, non-slip steps and a pair of simple-to-grab handrails with floor mounting brackets for protection and defense. 

Mighty Step’s latest design permits the side panels to be loaded with sand to save the steps in position, reducing the requirement for bulky bricks or dirty sandbags. Designed for flat bottom pools with 48-54 inch walls, the Mighty Step utilizes flow through side panels permitting water to flow smoothly behind and under the steps, restricting algae germination. The 30 inches Mighty Step comes complete with steps, two handrails with mounting brackets, hardware and installation instructions. 


  •  45 inches H x 30 inches W x 34 inches D is the step dimensions
  • Has the weight capacity of 400-pounds
  • Features wide, textured safety steps
  • Holds two easy-to-grab hand railings among deck mounting support
  • For utilizing on the flat bottom over ground pools with 48-54 inch sidewalls

Buyer’s Guide to above ground pool ladders

Benefits of Above Ground Pool Ladders

  • Safety
    From the day they were created, swimming pools have forever been among the common threatening places, whether it is a public or a home pool. Anyone can easily slip, fall, and get hurt. The advantage of purchasing a pool ladder is the security it brings.
    With a good and sturdy ladder, you can minimize or even prevent injuries. Broken bones, bruising, twisted joints, lacerations, and brain or spine injuries are common injuries that you can prevent if you buy the best ladder for your facility.
    Therefore, it makes sense to spend on a safe pool ladder in the plan to get peace of mind when people are utilizing your pool.
  • Convenience
    Swimming sessions should always be fun-filled sessions, but when you are worried about getting injured when getting in and out of your swimming pool, there is no more fun. Especially for swimmers who are heavy, it would be a daunting task. Favorably, these Swimming Pool Ladders provide to these people through giving support to the user.
  • Legal Issues
    There are localities and places that have premises liability laws. These laws led to personal injury cases if a person is injured due to the defective or unsafe condition of a property. So, if a person suffers an injury in your pool, whether you invited them or not, they are allowed to sue you to pay for their medical bills or lost wages.
    It is important you keep your swimming pool and its ladder and guarantee that there is the least possibility of making an accident. This is both for your family safety as well as to avoid any legal liability.

Characteristics of the Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

  • Durability –
    As we said, over ground pools usually arrive including their built-in ladders. Most of the time, these ladders are made from low-quality plastics or low-quality metals that don’t last. The best ladder should be durable and firm. It should be rustproof and slip-proof – created to serve for a long time.
  • Safe
    As security should be your initial preference, your pool ladder must arrive with non-slip climbing characteristics. The ladder should also offer protection from other accidents by having handrails for safe entry and exit in/from the pool.
  • Quality
    The most suitable ladder should be created from high-quality plastics or metals. There are many materials utilized to produce these tools; so assure that you pick carefully.
  • Size
    The different feature of the most suitable ladder is that it should suit your swimming pool. Can it be adjusted? If the answer is yes, then it might fit your pool. On the other side, if you purchase a set ladder, guarantee that you measure your equipment before you hit the market.
  • Cost
    Finally, you want to inspect your funds when purchasing your above ground pool ladder. According to your budget, get a ladder that can take care of all your needs. Of important, learn that protection doesn’t have a cost.

FAQs About Above Ground Pool Ladders

  • Q: How much weight can be supported by a ladder?
    A: For the specific amount of pounds, all Swimming Pool Ladders come rated. Getting a ladder that can hold up to 400 lbs is recommended to you by us.
  • Q: Why should barriers present in my ladder?
    A: To ensure that swimmers don’t swim through or from behind the ladder, a barrier is an extra safety feature that is included.
  • Q: My ladder is wobbly when I climb. What can I do?
    A: Resting of your ladder on a firm and level solid ground must be ensured. Never place your ladder on a speck of soft muddy dirt or soft surface. In addition, to add more stability ensure that you pull the ladder’s leg wide.
  • Q: How should my above ground pool ladder be placed?
    A: With the barrier inside your pool, you should place your ladder in your swimming pool.  For a person not to get trapped between these two walls, leave some space between your pool wall and barrier.
  • Q: From the ladder, is it okay to jump or dive into my pool?
    A: No.  From the ladder, you should never dive or jump into your swimming pool. For use in pools that are deep enough to allow these activities, most Swimming Pool Ladders aren’t meant. If you don’t follow the rules, fatal injuries, paralysis and even death might occur.

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