Best Dolphin pool cleaner | Buyer’s Guide

Dolphin Pool Cleaner makes the best pool cleaners and lots of pool owners prefer this. Among the best in their class are many of Dolphin’s cleaners. With little effort on your part, it leaves pools sparkling clean with little effort on your part.

However, making it hard to tell which one is right for your pool, design features are shared by many Dolphin pool cleaner models. This list reviews some of the company’s best units, so you can figure out which one suits your needs. Above all, we’ve given our reviews in light of maximizing your value for the money.

A buyer’s guide is also included so that you can learn everything you need to know about robotic pool cleaners and make a well-informed decision.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner | In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner

For those who want a Dolphin-brand pool cleaner with top-load filter cartridges, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is another great choice. The track of where it has been to clean your entire pool is kept by this robotic model. It is helped to target areas that need dolphin nautilus pool cleanerextra cleaning with its smart-scanning technology. You can schedule it to run daily, every other day, or every third day and its program interface has just a couple of buttons. This one has a very frugal reputation even though electric pool cleaners tend to be energy-efficient.

At the price of Dolphin pool cleaner products, many people balk. Fortunately, this one is easily the best value for the money as you can get the Nautilus CC Plus for 30 percent less than the top Dolphin pool cleaner model. With steps is the one area where it struggles, but you should be able to add those to its range if you’re willing to experiment with the floats on the hose. Overall, its price makes it great and this is a good pool cleaner.


  • For good, the Nautilus CC Plus takes over your pool cleaning duties. 
  • For swimming pools up to 50 feet, it is ideal
  • In just 2 hours, this cleaner will leave your pool sparkling clean.
  • To clean your pool effortlessly, the Nautilus CC Plus was designed. 
  • You can relax knowing your pool’s floor and walls are left exceptionally clean with dual scrubbing brushes and superior filtering capabilities.
  • Dolphin pool cleaner is independent cleaning machines, unlike the energy hogs that are pressure and suction cleaners and do not rely on any additional equipment to get the job done. 
  • With every pool cleaning, it saves energy 
  • With the touch of a button, Clean your pool.
  • To clean your swimming pool each week, schedule the Nautilus CC Plus using 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day. 
  • Dolphin pool cleaner provides pool owners with an easy cleaning solution of outstanding performance and long life with more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools. 

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner | Above The Ground Pool Cleaner

For above-ground pools up to 30 feet in length/diameter, the Dolphin E10 is perfect. It comes with most of their advanced features including smart navigation and active brushing and is also half the price of standard in-ground Dolphin pool cleaners.dolphin automatic pool cleaner

The Dolphin E10 is something you should think about if you are looking for a powerful and reliable above ground pool cleaner.

You can also use it in a small in-ground swimming pool cleaner but be warned as it does not scrub the walls. The CleverClean navigation is somewhat surprising for an above ground pool cleaner and Dolphin E10 has it.

Your pool will be cleaned in a quick 1.5 hourThe Dolphin E10 will have yours. Just imagine how much you can get done with one less chore on your to-do list. Save energy with every pool cleaning. The E10 does not require any additional pumps or hoses to get the job done. It is having an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour, and also is super energy efficient.


  • No Extra Stuff Needed: No booster pump. No extra hoses. No installation. Just plug it in, drop it in, and walk away for a clean pool.
  • Dirt and Debris: The E10 traps and locks-in all sorts of debris so your pool is left exceptionally clean.
  • Let all the Water Out. Fast: The quick water release makes it easy to remove from the pool. Don’t worry, it only lets the water out and not the stuff trapped in the basket.

Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner | Dolphin Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

One of the first pool-cleaning robots with any kind of smartphone connectivity was The Dolphin Oasis Z5i. With the exception of dolphin sigma robotic pool cleanerits Bluetooth-ready base, It works largely like most robotic cleaners. To guide the robot manually through spot cleaning, or you can get your pool in tip-top shape by running a full cleaning cycle on automation, you can use Dolphin’s app on your phone. Emptying it is fast and easy as this cleaner uses cartridges. It has a three-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

Clever Clean scanning that comes with the Oasis Z5i runs an algorithm on the pool to find areas that need extra attention. What’s puzzling about this unit is its price. It’s nearly 50 percent more expensive than our top choice. For that extra premium, you’re only getting one feature that you don’t get on other models: controlling it with a smartphone. Most people won’t get good value from that premium price while this is a good pool cleaner.


  • When it comes to scrubbing your pool’s floor, walls, and waterline, the Oasis Z5i is extremely powerful. Paired with superior filtering capabilities, you can rest assured your pool is free of dirt and debris after each cleaning.
  • To automatically clean your pool each week- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day, schedule the Oasis Z5i. Use the My Dolphin pool cleaner App to connect your cleaner to your smartphone using Bluetooth to spot clean when needed.
  • Dolphins are 8 times more energy-efficient than pressure and suction cleaners and do not rely on any additional pumps or hoses to get the job done. It is having an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour, and also is super energy saving.
  • Dolphin pool cleaner provides pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity with more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools.

Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner | Dolphin pool cleaner with Bluetooth

The New and Improved Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner is recommended for in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet in dolphin pool cleaner reviewlength and will clean your pool walls, floor and cove. The Triton Scrubs, vacuum and filters all pool surfaces in just 2 hours and is Self-programming for optimal pool scanning to ensure a clean pool in just 2 hours or less. It includes an easy-to-clean, extra-large, cartridge filter system with top access and (2) sets of cartridges for fine and ultra-fine debris.

With simple plug-n-play technology, the robotic cleaner is extremely easy to use. watch it go by Just plugging it in and pushing the start button. To your pool system, there aren’t any connections or pre-installation needed.  With exceptional features and patented technology, the Dolphin Triton is an advanced robotic cleaner at an affordable price.


  1. Anti-tangling algorithms
    With PowerStream, Maytronics upgraded a lot of features in the Dolphin Triton Plus. For a system that uses smart anti-tangle algorithms, this is the first robotic pool cleaner we have seen that ditches the popular hardware solution. It is an effective one too and is not just a fancy solution. we love seeing innovative solutions like this – as long as they work, though a swivel cable would have worked just as fine
  2. Weekly timer
    The automatic weekly timer is very convenient. Confident that your pool will be cleaned regularly, you can go about your work away from home, and your pool will be ready for use at any time. You can set the weekly timer in two ways: using the control unit connected to the cleaner via a cable or using the app on your smartphone.
  3. Top access filter basket
    The basket is really large, much larger than you typically find on a compact robot cleaner like this one. You simply lift the top cover and the basket handle springs upwards to access it.You then lift it out and clean it. A bottom panel opens downwards to allow collected leaves and debris to fall out.
  4. Two Sets of filters included
    With two sets of filters, the Dolphin Triton Plus comes . 4 fine filters and 4 ultra-fine filters are included in it. Depending on what kind of cleaning you want, you can pop in any combination of four. , Most users recommend inserting two fine (regular) filters and two ultra-fine filters for regular cleaning. From small algae to large leaves, this allows the cleaner to capture all sizes of debris.
  5. Two cleaning modes
    There are unexpected guests coming over in an hour and it is a hot Saturday afternoon. You can see a few particles in the water and some dirty patches at the bottom even though the pool is fairly clean though. What do you do? The Dolphin Triton Plus has the perfect solution. Don’t Worry. Normally, it operates under a 2-hour cycle. In this mode, it cleans every nook and cranny including the walls, stairs, and floor.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner | Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner reviews

Dolphin’s great robotic pool cleaners are just as effective in above ground pools as they are inground. For multiple cleanings Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Poolwithout having to empty it out, the Dolphin Escape Pool Vacuum is designed for use in above ground pools and comes with an oversized debris cartridge. And it’s super easy to remove and clean the filter cartridge. Plus, this model weighs just 14 pounds, which makes it easier to get it in and out of above ground pools.

Now, the drawbacks. Many above ground pools need fine particle filtration.  Get Escape’s fine particle filtration basket after you spend extra. The power cord also lacks a dongle, so it can get tangled upon itself. It won’t be the best choice for all pools as it is one of your best options if you have an above ground pool.


  • New Benchmark
    The all-new Escape is here with groundbreaking technology to ensure that your pool is cleaned to a whole new level.
  • Onboard DC Motors
    On nearly 90% less power than old fashioned cleaners, Escape’s low voltage DC motors operate. While other pool cleaners can expend a massive 1800 watts of power, the Escape robot requires just 180 watts which is just 5 cents per hour.
  • Active Scrubbing Brush
    Vacuuming isn’t enough to remove algae for most pools,  and other stubborn build-ups are attached to the pool’s floor. To deliver a new level of clarity, that’s why engineers equipped the Escape with the active scrubbing brush.
  • Continuous Tracks
    Slippage and lost efficiency are resulted because of water between the wheels & pool surface. From the conventional wheel with continuous rubber tracks, escape takes a radical departure. No more slipping. No more wasted energy.
  • Massive Top-Load
    Filter For a complete cleaning. Filtration that can handle debris of all sizes is needed by our robot.  From the top, escape’s massive filter cartridge is easily accessed. Messy, cumbersome debris bags used by traditional pool cleaners are a thing of the past.
  • Smart Navigation
    Gone are the days of watching your robot aimlessly wander. Smart navigation and scanning software use advanced algorithms to efficiently clean your pool. uninterrupted cleaning is delivered by escape’s ability to sense walls, ladders, and drains.

Dolphin Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner | Best dolphin pool cleaner

The latest innovation from Maytronics is the Dolphin Quantum robotic pool cleaner. Released in 2016.

The most advanced Dolphin pool cleaner yet is the Dolphin Quantum. The Dolphin Quantum outpaces most other pool cleaners Dolphin Quantum Automatic Robotic Poolin the market with features such as HyperGrip Continues Tracks, SnapLoc Filtration and Power Jet 3D Mobility. 

The Dolphin Quantum is one of the most advanced robotic pool cleaners you can buy with a host of new and exciting features. The Dolphin Quantum offers more power, a larger filter cartridge, smarter navigation, more energy savings, and an overall improved design when compared with the Dolphin Nautilus and Triton. A machine that cleans your in-ground pool completely and efficiently, better than ever is the result.

Its excellent vertical climbing ability, powered by a new technology called PowerJet 3D Mobility is the first thing you will notice about the Dolphin Quantum. To move laterally with lightweight easePowerJet 3D uses a set of vortex jets installed at the top and sides of the cleaner that allows it. This allows it to clean the floor and walls more completely.


  • Patented Technology
    Internal vortex jets propel Quantum not just forward like other robotic pool cleaners but also side to side. Quantum can move laterally along walls for deep scrubbing of the tile and waterline.
  • Largest Cartridge Ever in a Pool Robot
    Say goodbye to messy debris bags. The massive, 400 square inches cartridges hold more debris than ever, and it’s top-loading for easy access. Plus, each panel snaps apart for quick cleaning.
  • Cleans Challenging Scum Line
    In a radical departure from ordinary cleaners, Quantum was designed to clean all pool surfaces included the tile and waterline with pinpoint precision.
  • Attacks Algae & Biofilm
    Engineers gave Quantum dual HyberBrushes to dislodge even the toughest bacteria, algae and biofilm stuck to the pool wall. From the ground up to deep clean, the Quantum robot was engineered.
  • Just Say When
    Stay in full control and set the Quantum to operate as needed with programmable modes. Choose cleaning frequencies daily, twice a week, or three times a week. Even if you’re not around, your pool stays clean and ready to enjoy.
  • No Tangle. No Hassles.
    Anti-Tangle patented swivel technology provides uninterrupted hassle-free cleaning. In the pool robot industry, it is one of the greatest engineering accomplishments.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic are the three common types of automatic pool cleaners. Suction-side cleaners use the power from your pool’s pump to collect debris and attach to the intake port of your pool. Pressure-side models work similarly but instead attach to the other side of the system, the one that’s pushing water into your pool.

These two cleaner types generally aren’t smart. They’ll eventually cover your entire pool if they move around at random and if you let them go long enough. They’re dependent on your pool’s pump to work and that is its another big downside. You may get very mediocre results from pressure- or suction-side pool cleaners your pump is on the weaker side.

They don’t attach to your pool’s pump system and Robotic models differ in that. Instead, carry a filter and either a basket or bag and they’re powered by electricity. For pools with weaker pumps, that means they’re a great choice.

The opposite is often true while you may think robotic cleaners would have a higher cost of operation. Many times the energy of a robotic pool cleaner is drawn by Suction-side or pressure-side pool cleaners. It could extend its life as it will also put less strain on your pool pump.

  • What can the robotic pool cleaners do?

Smart technology is one of the hallmark features of a robotic pool cleaner. From a suite of sensors to figure out where it should go next, or both, that means it can either keep track of where it has been in your pool or use information.

Some versions of this technology are there in most Dolphin pool cleaner. On the high-end machines, however, it seems to work best. The downside is that to get one of those high-end models, you typically have to shell out thousands of dollars. Less expensive models tend to be more hit-or-miss in terms of how well they work even if they still have this feature.

Over other kinds of pool cleaners in that it’s harder for them to get tangled, Robotic cleaners also have an advantage. To the hoses other kinds of cleaners use, there’s a lower chance of them getting caught on themselves relative since they use narrow cords. Plus,  the chance of a tangle is reduced as they often have swiveling dongles.

Since they don’t rely on water pressure to move around, where they clean above the water for a nice finish, they’re generally more reliable when it comes to climbing steps in your pool or doing waterline cleaning. Keep in mind that all Dolphin machines do not have a waterline cleaning feature, so if it’s something you want, double-check that your model has it before you buy.

  • Filters

They sometimes come with a choice of filter and that’s another nice thing about Dolphin pool cleaner. Each with its own subtype, there are two major categories of filter.

The cartridge is the most commonly used type of robotic model.  A hard-sided filter that lives inside the cleaner is the cartridge. You just pop the lid on the robot and dump the filter out when it needs to be emptied. Generally, it needs to be washed off as well, but as soon as that’s done, you’re ready to go again.

Filter cartridges are designed to last for years. Usually, they do last year. However, they tend to be very expensive to replace, so it’s a good idea to treat yours with care.

Other Dolphin pool cleaner use bags or soft-sided filters. These sometimes link in the exact place cartridges do, and different times they drive externally. While cartridges often have great strength, bags can seldom contain more, and they tend to be much less expensive to replace.

If your pool is in very poor shape, and has a lot of acute or solid things, such as little branches, at the base, you may profit from replacing a cartridge with a bag, as destroying the bag is a lot more affordable difficulty to resolve.

Both cartridges and bags arrive with normal and nice particulate choices. If you have severe trash or algae obstacles on the walls or a lot of fine filth in the water, utilize a cartridge or bag that’s fine-particulate available. Differently, the openings in the filter will be huge enough for the trash or algae to slip through, which conclusively leaves it in the pool.

  • Which Dolphin pool cleaner is right for you?

Several people view the costs on Dolphin pool cleaner and quickly opt-out of the buying. It’s understandable, given the price; but it’s important to understand the value that these cleaners can bring. They tend to work very well and have great durability and excellent warranties. They can save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning your pool, which allows you to spend more time doing something else.

While you might be motivated to buy the lowest-priced Dolphin you can notice, that’s not certainly the best idea, either. If it doesn’t have the characteristics you want, you’ll be worried, but still out a few hundred bucks.

It’s a better idea to start by evaluating your pool and then selecting the model with the features and the filter cartridges or bags that will do the job. Then, you’ll be able to relax and let the robot do its job for years to come.


The Dolphin Premier Robotic is our preferred because of its usage of cartridges or bags, efficient cleaning, and a three-year guarantee. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus arrives in second with its simple programming, top-load filter cartridges, and elevated energy effectiveness. 

Its exceptional value indicates that it’s the greatest overall benefit for the prize. The Dolphin Oasis Z5i has Clever Clean scanning, smartphone adaptability, and a cartridge-based filter method. Its high price keeps it in third on our list. 

The Dolphin Escape has characteristics that make it great for above-ground pools, but it needs a fine particle filter and has a cord that sometimes knots, which makes it inadequate for other circumstances. Arriving in at the latest place is the Dolphin Nautilus. It’s a suitable discount buy but lacks a holder and has a tiny filter space, which makes it less comfortable than most separate units.

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