Best Rated Hover Lawn Mower | Buyer’s Guide

Small Hover Lawn Mower almost like the Flymo 280 Hover Vac are very famous for being clear to save lots of, fresh to handle and delivering an accurate cut. they’re completely relevant for little gardens.

This makes hover garden mowers very effortless to manoeuvre and means they’re the satisfactory garden mower for unevenly shaped smal ler gardens, and everywhere a typical mower just can’t reach; slicing over flat paths, underneath bushes, around trees, and over undulating terrain. Hover garden mowers are the extraordinary mowers for tackling extreme slopes, moist soil, and steep inclinations and banks.

Larger petrol hovers mowers slightly a bit like the Flymo xl500 are ideal for little golfing courses, and other semi-expert applications or huge gardens – especially those with choppy and within the opposite case hard-to-mow surfaces, and people which approach to areas of water. As a hover mower doesn’t have wheels, it’s ready to effortlessly drift over the sting of the waterline, unlike most electric powered mowers.

If you’re unsure whether or not a Hover Lawn Mower could be the right preference for your lawn, we’re getting to discuss most of the essential professionals and cons that relate to the present quite a mower below.

 Flymo Turbo Lite 330 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Non-Collect  Flymo Turbo Lite 330 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Non-Collect`

Ideal for small gardens, the Flymo Turbo Lite 330 is mild and clean to use, and won’t depart you feeling worn-out after mowing your garden. With a 33cm metal blade, Your grass is reduced, and to cut through even the toughest of grass for your garden the 1150 watt motor affords the power.

With 4 heights of cut (between 10 – 30mm), achieving your preferred top of the grass is smooth, you and your Turbo Lite 330 may have your lawn looking tremendous very quickly at all. The 10-metre mains cable for your Turbo Lite 330 offers you the liberty and flexibility to transport around your garden, while not having to worry about going for walks out of cable. 

You don’t want to worry about preservation or servicing when you buy a Flymo product, because they’re designed to the very best requirements of excellent and reliability, and only require the minimal of interest to maintain them running perfectly over their long life.


  • Powerful 1150 watt motor. 33cm Metal Blade
  • The ideal garden mower for reducing and retaining small to medium-sized lawns. Highly manoeuvrable making it best for abnormal fashioned lawns and slopes
  • 4 heights of reducing (10 – 30mm) 10-metre mains cable
  • Lightweight and clean to use.

Flymo Hover Vac 280 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower

Flymo Hover Vac 280 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower, 1300 W

The Hover Vac 280 functions that traditional Flymo layout and colouration that anyone who has mowed a few lawns in their time would realise from a mile off. With a 29cm slicing width, it is designed for use in small to medium size gardens and boasts a barebones set-up that permits you to hold on top of your lawn care for less. We analysed loads of purchaser reports to put together this Flymo Hover Vac 280 review, and in it, we will talk about its important pros, cons and who it might be a good match for.


  • Decent Cutting Ability: If you’re seeking out an affordable mower to keep your grass to the first-rate period and looking tidy, then you should be glad about it.
  • Straightforward to Clean + Maintain:  It simply desires a quick wipe down, wrap the cable, fold the handle and it’s geared up to store. And in phrases of maintenance, all it desires is a blade sharpening once in keeping with year. Nothing too demanding here.
  • Small Storage Footprint: The deal with folds right over, without the want to loosen any knobs like on maximum mowers, and it reduces the overall length of the mower to a minimum. So there’s no need to clear a big area if you buy this. It’ll suit into any little corner that you have free.
  • Pushing It is Simple: The other issue we discovered people pronouncing is that because the grass basket fills up, it does get a little tougher to move.
  • Very Easy to Use: You push a button and pull a trigger to start it up, and then it’s only a rely of dealing with the twine and pushing the mower wherein you want it to cut. Emptying after which replacing the grass catcher is also very simple.

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower

The EasiGlide three hundred from Flymo is a lightweight, clean to apply electric hover mower in order to have your garden looking terrific right away at all. Powered by means of a 1300 watt motor, your Flymo EasiGlide will cut via the grass with ease, way to the 30cm metal reducing blade. Your desired grass period may be effortlessly achieved a way to 4 heights of cut ranging from 12mm – 32mm with the aid of without a doubt putting off or including plastic spacers. 

Your Flymo EasiGlide three hundred comes complete with a 20-litre grass collection container, ideal for small to medium-sized garden areas, up to around 1/2 the scale of a tennis court. The 10-metre mains cable offers you the freedom and flexibility to transport around your garden while not having to worry about running out of mains cable. 

Weighing in at just underneath 9kg, your Flymo EasiGlide three hundred won’t leave you feeling exhausted after mowing your lawn. Flymo’s innovative hover system takes all the effort out of mowing, floating your Glider on a cushion of air. Cutting will be brief and efficient, leaving you with more time to loosen up and enjoy your lawn area. 

You don’t need to worry about renovation or servicing whilst you buy a Flymo product, because they’re designed to the highest standards of high-quality and reliability, and best require the minimum of interest to maintain them running flawlessly over their long life.


  • Hovering on a cushion of air, this compact mower glides over mild slopes and bumpy gardens with ease
  • Utilises a 1300 W motor and 12 m cable that is preferably designed for small to medium gardens so that you can mow the length of your lawn without an extension cable
  • Comes with a cutting width of 30 cm and a cutting peak of 10-30 mm, as well as a massive 20 Litre grass container to make certain a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Weighs only 8.50 kg for consumer comfort
  • Supplied with a 30 cm metal cutting blade for premium slicing performance

McGregor 30cm Hover Collect Lawn Mower

McGregor 30cm Hover Collect Lawn Mower

The 30cm McGregor 1450W electric hover mower features the Torque Drive system, to provide you more strength to effects cut through hard dense grass. This Hover Lawn Mower collects and compacts the clippings so that you can mow similarly and for longer before emptying the grass box. Perfect for small to medium-sized gardens. 

The mower hovers on a cushion of air so that you can without difficulty manoeuvre it around your garden. Easier to apply than a traditional Hover Lawn Mower, the hover technology allows you to cut steep banks and slopes. Cut peak adjustment: with a range of slicing heights, you may pick the quality top to fit your lawn. 

The cope with folds for smooth storage. Front transportation wheel for easy manoeuvrability whilst the mower isn’t in use. It offers you soft comfort grip with the capacity to control and operate the mower with your left and proper hands.


  • 1450 watt electric powered hover motor.
  • Steel blade, 30cm blade width.
  • 4 reducing heights, slicing heights starting from 1.2cm-3.3cm.
  • 20L grass collection capacity.
  • 10m electricity cable

Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower

Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower

Flymo’s XL500 affords all the benefits of air cushion mowing with the advantage of petrol energy freedom. Easy and manoeuvrable, your XL500 makes tough outlying areas greater accessible. Designed for large-scale home and semi-professional use, it features an effective Honda engine, to be used on slopes up to 45 degrees. 

The four-stroke, 160cc, 4.1kW (5.5hp) GCV160 is understood worldwide for reliability and performance, and with this partnership will supply cut after reduce, yr after 12 months. Your Flymo XL500 functions a durable high fine metallic 50.5cm blade and a hard corrosion resistant hood to make certain reliability and long life. Operator Presence Control and Choke Control levers are geared up as popular and the handles fold down for easy storage.


  • Metal cutting blade
  • Three slicing heights from 10-26mm
  • Copes with slopes of up to forty-five degrees
  • Tough corrosion resistant hood
  • Operator presence control
  • Folding handlebars
  • Metal cutting blade

Buyer’s Guide to Hover Lawn Mower

Important matters to require under consideration whilst buying Hover mower 

  •  Cutting Width of a Hover Mower
    Hover mowers are small, tiny little machines – lightweight. But, they’re going to best cut small amounts at a time. This relies on the cutting width, which might range from around 29cm the utmost amount as 40cm.
    The wider the cutting width, the more area you’ll cover, but this might be of little effect for max British citizenry and their postage-stamp-sized lawns. In fact, narrower reducing widths can regularly make a mower more manoeuvrable, making it an extended way simpler to erupt small regions of shrubs or other obstacles.
  • Storing a Hover Mower
    Hover mowers are very almost like domestic appliances – then clean to store. The handles are often foldable, and their mild weight (generally around 8-10kg) means they’re going to easily be persisted on walls or rammed in corners during the wintertime.
  • Hover Mower Grass Collection
    One of the utmost regularly-cited problems with hover mowers is that the grass collection. Hover mowers tend to not have a grass box, and within the event that they’re doing, it normally doesn’t do the first-rate activity of gathering grass. In fact, most of them spray some grass out the side.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hover mower is best

Flymo is that the foremost famous brand of hover mower, and has generally improved over the years, but is beginning to get competition from Qualcast et al. 

The good element about Flymos is that in spite of the orange colour then the plasticky feel, they’re almost upkeep free, and sometimes want substitute parts. And within the event that they are doing, they’re of direction rock bottom to hunt out.

  • Why isn’t my hover mower hovering? 

Sometimes if situations are wet, the mower won’t hover so well, during which case just anticipate it to dry. a rise of grass also can interrupt the graceful waft of air, so hold your mower great and clean underneath. 

If you’re a coffee first-rate garden – complete of thatch and moss – then this might prevent the mower from soaring well. Simply scarify your lawn with a lawn rake to help remove a selection of the constructed up thatch and moss. 

PRO TIP: When beginning the hover mower, tilt it slightly to permit air to flow into properly below so it’s ready to start to honestly hover.

  • Why does my hover mower blow grass out the sides?

As explained above, hover mowers aren’t typically very green at amassing grass. Their advantage is manoeuvrability, not cut nice or grass collection. That said, once you have got a grass box then the majority of the clippings need to be compelled to be going into it. 

The problem is once you cross over a difficult surface quite the clippings can blow out the sides – particularly while mowing over paving. 

PRO TIP: enter a direct line for a max collection of grass clippings, and don’t hover over hard surfaces.

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