Best Pool Skimmer Basket Buyer’s Guide

The important accessory of your swimming pool is the top pool skimmer basket. The basket rests inside of your pool skimmer and gathers any object that can harm or destroy your pool filter or pool pump.

Depending on the brand and kind of skimmer your pool has, this basket can be round or square. In most circumstances, skimmer baskets won’t connect to each other if they are not of a similar model or from the same brand.

Getting the best basket isn’t an easy task, especially when you consider that the market is flooded with hundreds of models and brands. Luckily, we have done thorough research and reviewed the best units on the market today and even given you a buying guide of the skimmer basket.

What is a Skimmer Basket?

This is an accessory that is shaped like a basket and is responsible for trapping large objects and debris in order to prevent them from entering your pool’s filter or pump.

Muyisi 10-Pack Skimmer | Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket

These products are produced using long-lasting elastic and marvelous fine nylon mesh to help them to work as a net that attracts grass, oil, pollen, pine needles, bugs, scum, hair, leaves, and other dirt. This blocks the waste from preventing your swimming swimming pool skimmer basketpool’s cleaning system and they also work as amazing algae sock for every kind of pool usage.


  • Protect Your Filtration System: the pool skimmer socks can catch tiny particles of waste to help your pump impeller and shaft seal, increase the warranty of the filtration system.
  • Ultrafine Mesh Screen: produced utilizing ultrafine mesh and long-lasting elastic, the pool filter socks work as a net to catch and attract leaves, types of hairs, glass, pine needles and oil to prevent your filter from clogging/damage.
  • Suitable For Most Pool Basket: Our pool basket socks are a stable size and suitable for practically every shape of the pool skimmer basket, which includes popular brands like Hayward, Pentair, and Swimquip.
  • Easy Installation: It starts capturing the dirt right away when we just slip the sock over the basket.
  • Cleaning Or Replacement: When soiled, it may be cleaned with a garden hose and reused or thrown away (if soiled so heavily). Replace sock every 4-8 weeks. The value pack includes 10 socks.

Hayward SPX1082CA | Hayward pool skimmer basket

If you own a uniquely-shaped auto skimmer basket that you are having a hard time finding a replacement for, this filter basket from Hayward might be just what you require. The appliance does well with most Hayward models such as SP 1086, SP 1085, SPturbo pool skimmer basket 1084, SP 1083, and SP 1082 skimmers.

The basket is also suitable with different filters that are similar to its measurement as not all skimmer baskets have a similar shape or size. The other great feature of this unit is its affordability and it offers you superb filtration. It keeps large leaves, stones, and other debris out of your swimming pool filter system for many years.


  • Easy to install. 
  • It’s very durable. 
  • Comes from a reputable manufacturer.

Impresa 20-Pack Skimmer | Best Pool Skimmer Basket

Impresa Products 20-Pack is made from ultrafine, durable, and elastic nylon mesh that helps to attract and capture hair, oil, pine,Hayward pool skimmer basket grass, leaves, pollen, bugs, needles, and other debris. This ensures that your swimming pool’s filtration system is always free of any clogging, ready to do its work effectively.

Utilizing a pool sock saves the pump impeller and shaft seal from destroying/clogging, therefore, as a result, increasing the warranty of your pool filter/filtration system.

This pool skimmer basket saver suits practically every shape pool skimmer basket, that includes baskets made by Hayward, Pentair, Intex, Swimquip and others. Do not use it while dissolving a chlorine tablet in your basket – it will erode the sock. 


  • TRAPS ALL THE GUNK AND DEBRIS: Produced using long-lasting elastic and ultrafine nylon mesh, these pool skimmer socks work as a net to attract and trap leaves, grass, hair, inanimate scum, oil, pine needles, pollen, bugs, and other waste, not allowing them from clogging your pool’s filtration system. It also acts with spas, hot tubs, jetted tubs and more.
  • PROTECTS YOUR FILTER SYSTEM, SAVING YOU MONEY: Utilizing a pool sock to save the pump impeller and shaft seal from destroying/clogging, thereby increasing the warranty of your pool filter/filtration system.
  • MAKES CLEANING YOUR FILTER BASKET A BREEZE: Skimmer basket socks change cleaning skimmer pool basket simpler and less dirty. Easily clean using a garden hose and reuse or throw away,  when soiled.
  • FITS VIRTUALLY ALL POOL BASKETS, INGROUND AND ABOVE GROUND: Our pool skimmer basket saver suits basically every shape pool skimmer basket, which includes baskets made by Hayward, Pentair, Intex, Swimquip and others.
  • SUPER VALUE PACK – QUALITY AND AFFORDABILITY: Our bundle of 20 filter savers is an amazing value pack – the greatest quality socks at an accessible price. No need to sacrifice performance to get a good value. 

SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer | inground pool skimmer basket

SkimDoctor 2.0 is the latest and better appliance that makes cleaning your swimming very simple. It comes with a patented tech that creates a vortex to swiftly pull dirt as well as other debris from your facility into the skimmer basket, ensuring that there is no Hayward pool skimmer basketdirt floating above the basket. This product skims your swimming pool 3 times faster than other units, giving you a spotlessly clean pool within minutes.

Another great feature of this basket is that it works effectively with both low-flow and variable-speed pumps and it boosts the flow of water into your pool’s skimmer. One of the best features of this unit is its easy-empty, quick-release design that only requires a simple twist and lift of the tube and the skimmer basket will be empty.


  • CATCHES LEAVES AND FLOATING DEBRIS UP TO 3X FASTER—before they sink to the bottom of your pool. SkimDoctor suits inside your inground pool skimmer basket and utilizes adjustable gates to increase the execution of low flow OR variable speed pumps. Which means a cleaner pool with less work for you!
  • FAST DRY CLEANUP OF YOUR SKIMMER BASKET —simply grab the tower to remove your basket without reaching into the water, then pull off the skimmer sock to quickly dispose of debris without getting your hands wet or dirty. Our nice mesh skimmer sock catches leaves, bugs, pollen, dust, and others.
  • SAVES ON POOL CHEMICAL SUPPLIES by improving pool circulation and enhancing the function of your inground pool vacuum to clean the pool automatically. Different from other appliances, SkimDoctor WORKS FROM INSIDE YOUR SKIMMER BASKET so you never have to look at it while chilling in your pool.
  • EASY 5-MINUTE ASSEMBLY needs no special tools and includes a FREE Skimmer Sock.

Coopache 30-Pack of Pool Skimmer |  swimming pool skimmer basket

Coopache Skimmer sock pool filter savers make cleaning skimmer pool baskets simpler and less dirty. No need extra too, just slip the sock over the basket.  Catches the tiny pieces of dirt your pool skimmer misses to save the pump impeller and shaft seal, pool skimmer basket replacementincreasing the warranty of your cartridge filter.

Saves your costly filtration system and maintains your pool sparkling clean with our great quality, less price swimming pool skimmer basket socks. Easy to use, easy to clean you won’t find a better way to reduce your pool costs.


    Increasing the warranty of your pool filter system, pool skimmer socks save the pump impeller and shaft seal from destroying or clogging.
    These nylon filter socks are simple to put, you can put them on and off the basket simply, and they will help to catch dog hair, dust, oil, leaves, pine needles, little bugs, and more dirt
    These premium quality nylon pool basket filter socks are produced using ultrafine mesh and long-lasting elastic, which can be reused several times.
    Simple to stretch fabric suits perfectly over your pool skimmer basket. Even the basket handle simply snaps back on for even simpler usage. Replace with latest skimmer sock every 4-8 weeks
    These pool skimmer basket socks will suit every size and shape skimmer basket that includes those produced by Swimquip, Hayward, Pentair, and more major makers.

Hestya Filter Savers Pool Skimmer | inground pool skimmer basket

Hestya 20-Pack is produced of durable nylon objects that are greatly flexible, soft, and elastic and enable in protecting your pool filtration system. The product size is 22 by 13 cm but the mesh filter socks are simple to stretch, so suits major skimmers and pool skimmer basket replacementbaskets from various brands. As this peculiarity of stretch-ability, these appliances work as replacement units.

The products are easy to put on and off your basket and they help to trap dog hair, leaves, little bugs, needles, dust, and other debris. These filter socks are great pool system protectors since they make your pool’s water to be cleaner – they gather the minute debris that is floating on your pool ensuring that they don’t reach your pool’s pump (this also protects the pump).


  • Flexible and soft material:
    these filter socks are produced with long-lasting nylon objects having good flexibility, which is elastic and soft, able to protect your home pool filtration system
  • One fit most:
    filter saver size is 22 x 13 cm, stretchable mesh filter socks can be stretched to suit major baskets and skimmers, great replacements for your baskets filter socks
  • Mesh filter socks:
    these nylon filter socks are simple to install, you can put them on and off the basket simply, and they will assist to catch dog hair, dust, oil, leaves, pine needles, little bugs, and more dirt.
  • Pool system protector:
    filter sock can make your pool water cleaner since it collects the smaller particulate debris floating on the water, debris won’t make it through to your pump thus to protect your pool pump from damage
  • Warm notice:
    you should replace or clean the socks every 4 to 8 weeks in case of it getting too dirty to slow down the water flow; Do not use while dissolving a chlorine tablet in your basket.

DOLOPL Pool Skimmer | swimming pool skimmer basket

Produced using long-lasting elastic & Ultrafine nylon mesh, these pool Skimmer socks work as a net to attract & trap leaves, grass, hair, scum, oil, pine needles, pollen, bugs, & more dirt, preventing them from clogging your pool’s filtration system. pool skimmer basket with handle

Pool socks save the pump impeller & SHAFT seal from destroying/ clogging, therefore increasing the warranty of your pool filter/ filtration system. Skimmer basket socks make cleaning Skimmer pool baskets simpler & less dirty. 

Our pool Skimmer basket socks suit practically every shape pool Skimmer basket, that includes baskets made by Hayward, Pentair & swimquip. Amazing value 30 Pack – 30 Pack pool filter socks. When soiled, clean with garden hose & reuse or throw away (if heavily soiled). replace with new sock every 4-8 weeks. Do not utilize during dissolving a chlorine tablet in your basket (sock will erode).


  • Ideal for filtration system protection – the skimmer socks can trap debris which your filter fails to capture, such as hair, bugs, and other small objects.
  • Wide compatibility – the stretch band is able to work with major skimmer baskets.
  • Lower your maintenance cost – the nice mesh filter socks enable you to increase the warranty of your pool filter.
  • Simple usage – the pool socks can be installed in seconds, making it easier to remove the dirt from your pool.

Buyer’s Guide to Pool Skimmer: 

  • Why clean the skimmer and the basket?

Cleaning your skimmer and skimmer basket frequently is important to the general maintenance of your pool. Your pool’s pump is made to work harder when trying to cycle the water by a blocked basket. This might decrease the warranty and even stress the seal in your swimming pool pump.

With the water flow being obstructed by a skimmer basket full of dirt, you will not get the right turnover rate to effectively filter your swimming pool water. For your facility to remain clear and clean, the water needs to be filtered.

When the skimmer and the basket are complete, there will be some water being pulled to the pump, and it won’t be cleaned compared to when the basket is kept filtered.

  • How do you clean it?

You need to filter the skimmer and the basket one time per week. Follow the directions below:

Cleaning the Pump Basket

  • Switch off the pool heater and cleaner pump. If the heater was on, wait for about 10 minutes for it to cool before you turn off the pump.
  • Close the main drain valves and the skimmer.
  • If your swimming pool pump is under the water in your pool, then turn close the filter valve – turn to “Closed”.
  • Remove the pump lid.
  • Clean the pump basket using your garden hose. Keep in mind that a skimmer basket might become weak after a long time of use and may get destroyed. It’s easier to clean a basket if the materials are allowed to dry. Thereby, acquiring 2 pump baskets that you can be rotating is the nicest possible way to filter this product.
  • Check this basket for any remnants of damage; I needed, replace it.
  • Re-install the basket. Some units twist-lock in place, so don’t over-tighten them.
  • Inspect the o-ring and pump lid for damage or cracks and oil the o-ring with oil if it is dry.
  • Install the o-ring and the pump lid. Again, don’t over-tighten them.
  • Make sure that your pool’s filter valve is in the correct place.
  • Open the primary drain valve.
  • Open the pressure relief valve on the filter.
  • Switch the pump on.
  • Once your pool pump has caught the prime, open the different skimmer valves.
  • Close the valve when you view a steady stream of pool water going through the relief valve.
  • Turn the cleaner pump as well as the heater on.

Cleaning skimmer basket

  • Turn the swimming pool pump off.
  • Take the skimmer lid off.
  • Remove your skimmer basket and empty the trash.
  • Return the basket into its skimmer.
  • Return the lid and switch the system on.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: After how long should I empty my skimmer basket?
    A: We would recommend you inspect and empty your basket weekly. Emptying it regularly ensure that it doesn’t crack or break from the heavy flow of dirt and debris.
  • Q: Explain the purpose of a skimmer basket?
    A: to give a barrier to big debris. It prevents them from entering the pump and filter.
  • Q: What are skimmer baskets made of?
    A: More often, these products are made using hard plastic and show off some type of handle or weight for ease of use. The handles are made of plastic or metal material and are located in the middle so you can easily grab and lift them.
  • Q: How can I remove my skimmer basket?
    A: You can remove these units by opening the skimmer’s lid. On some in-ground pools, the skimmer lid might be screwed; you need to unscrew the lid before you lift it up. For above-ground pools, just open and lift the lid. Once the skimmer is open, you can easily access the basket inside.

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